Falcons Fit: Four-week update

Falcons Fit: Four-week update

Tuesday 24 October 2023 Written by: Mark Smith

Falcons Community has had a fantastic four weeks running Falcons Fit, which sees 30 enthusiastic participants turning up for 12 weeks, committed to improving their health.

Over the past four weeks Falcons Community has worked closely with Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital to educate individuals on effective health interventions and lifestyle adjustments to help improve participants’ overall health and well-being.

The programme has consisted of rugby-themed physical activity, strength and conditioning gym sessions and healthy lifestyle workshops. Falcons Community have also encouraged participants to increase their movement by setting weekly step-count goals.

The programme kicked off with Lynsey and Gavin from Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital helping participants set out SMART goals, get baseline measurements and give participants an introduction to physical education and a look into what the next 12 weeks had to offer.

In week two we welcomed even more participants where they learned about the nutrition pyramid, focusing on calories, macros and the RPE scale. They also took part in rugby-themed games, partner races and kicking challenges, and finished off with a few rounds of the famous West Stand steps!

During the session in week three participants continued to focus on energy expenditure and daily calorie requirements as well as a physical activity session to raise the participants’ heart rate.

Gavin and Alex from Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital joined us in week four to deliver a brilliant presentation on how we can control our blood pressure by making lifestyle adjustments.

There was also a strength and conditioning session which took place in Newcastle Falcons’ gym. Participants learned how to properly use equipment, making sure they used the correct technique to get the most out of the exercise.

It is so great to see all members already sharing success stories of what they have achieved so far, and we are looking forward to seeing what the remaining eight weeks of the programme bring to the participants.

For more information about Falcons Fit or other programmes we offer to improve health and wellbeing, please email falconscommunity@newcastlefalcons.co.uk.