FFB extends Newcastle Rugby Foundation partnership

FFB extends Newcastle Rugby Foundation partnership

Monday 18 September 2023 Written by: Mark Smith

Newcastle Rugby Foundation are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Fusion For Business (FFB) for the third season running.

The Falcons are committed to supporting community rugby clubs with a variety of elements both on and off the pitch, and FFB are excited to be supporting them in their mission.

Melanie Magee, Newcastle Rugby Foundation’s chair of foundation, said: “The partnership with FFB has been fantastic for all involved.

“Not only does their support allow us to deliver further engagement activities in the community, it also allows us to save all our partner clubs a huge amount of money which can be further directed to support the community game.

“Almost two years into the partnership we have saved clubs over £127,000, which is outstanding. Thank you FFB.”

The FFB Community Ambassador Programme is committed to helping sports clubs become more energy-efficient through a range of cost and carbon savings, and due to this partnership we have teamed up with many local community clubs to help with their energy bills.

FFB also have six funding methods including grant finding partners to help clubs with energy efficiency projects.

The results speak for themselves.

FFB recently helped Upper Eden Rugby Club with their energy contracts as they didn’t feel confident in the contract they were previously placed in, and were seeking advice and guidance. FFB worked with Upper Eden to find a solution to this challenge.

After a consultation between FFB and Upper Eden, a comprehensive bill review was conducted to understand their current contract and see what could be done for the club.

Subsequently, FFB introduced their TODAY solution to Upper Eden, resulting in substantial savings for the club. FFB are delighted to announce the successful stabilisation of their gas and electric prices, guaranteeing rate security until 2026.

Furthermore, Upper Eden joined the cCommunity Ambassador Programme, enabling them to refer businesses within their network to FFB. This collaborative effort not only assists the club in receiving cashback but also facilitates reinvestment back into the club’s growth and development.

A remarkable total of £21,249 in savings has been secured over the duration of their contract, equating to an impressive annual saving of £7,083.

FFB are excited to see what this season has in store and look forward to continuing their partnership with the Newcastle Rugby Foundation and helping local sports clubs with their cost and carbon savings.