Hundred-mile walk for British Heart Foundation

Hundred-mile walk for British Heart Foundation

Monday 12 February 2024 Written by:

Newcastle Falcons players, members of the Newcastle Rugby Foundation team and participants of the Falcons Fit programme are joining forces with the Heart of Tyne group to participate in a section of the 100-mile walking challenge along the Northumberland coast from Tweed to Tyne.

The walk will take place over five days in March, starting on Wednesday March 13 and finishing on Saturday March 16 in Tynemouth.

The walk is being organised to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation, and the Falcons, Foundation and Falcons Fit team are excited to lend their support to this great cause.

As a part of the Falcons Fit Programme, all participants are encouraged to increase their step count to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. By taking part in a section of the 100-mile walk, they will contribute towards achieving their weekly step goal and raise funds for a great cause.

Falcons Fit is proudly supported by Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital.

Melanie Magee, head of the Newcastle Rugby Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, saying: “The Falcons and the Foundation have a great history with the Heart of the Tyne team, and the players jumped at the chance to give something back and support the walk as they cross the finish line.”

During the walk, several players from the Newcastle Falcons team and members of the Newcastle Rugby Foundation will be joining David Brind and Stuart Jackson from the Heart of Tyne Group over the last few days of their walk.

Stuart said: “Walking is a great way of keeping your heart healthy and also release from the mental strains of day-to-day life. 

“By setting up this challenge we not just to raise money but to encourage many people to think about the day-to-day little steps that can be taken to improve our region’s heart health and mental wellbeing.”

If you want to support this fantastic cause, you can donate by clicking here.

Additionally, if you want to participate in the 60,000-step challenge or join in on the last two days of the walk, please contact Emily Petitjean at