Impressive progress for Falcons Fit participants

Impressive progress for Falcons Fit participants

Sunday 28 April 2024 Written by: Mark Smith

After 12 weeks of dedication and hard work, the Falcons Fit Programme, supported by Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital, is now complete, leaving behind a trail of great achievements.

Participants have not only lost pounds but have also seen significant improvements in their health, such as reduced blood pressure and increased confidence.

The Falcons Fit Programme, a collaboration between Falcons Community and Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital, aims to promote healthy living and wellbeing. Throughout the 12-week programme participants engaged in various physical activities including rugby-themed games, received nutritional guidance and underwent regular health assessments.

One of the main objectives of the programme was to support individuals in achieving their fitness goals. Participants have reported a range of benefits from weight loss to lowered blood pressure and improved mental well-being. The programme, combining exercise and nutritional advice, has encouraged individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

The success of Falcons Fit would not have been possible without the support of Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital. Their expertise and resources have been crucial in delivering a well-rounded and effective programme.

Stuart Jackson, a participant on Falcons Fit, said: “Well done to everyone in this cohort, it’s been a pleasure being part of this great team, supporting each other each week.

“Thanks to Darren and Gavin for their excellent coaching each week, and to Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital for their support and excellent advice throughout the course. Keep up the great work, all!”

As part of the programme, and as a celebration on completion, the participants will be attending the Newcastle Falcons v Sale Sharks fixture this Sunday, where they will take part in the Falcons Fit Parade around the pitch showcasing their achievements.