Newcastle College visit Hitachi Construction Machinery UK

Newcastle College visit Hitachi Construction Machinery UK

Friday 15 March 2024 Written by: Tom Grisedale

A few weeks ago, a group of students from the HITZ programme, which is a course that helps young adults improve their employability skills, were invited to visit the Hitachi Construction Machinery UK’s HQ in Hebburn.

The students, who are currently studying at Newcastle College, were given a tour of the entire site, accompanied by experienced staff members who explained the various areas and roles within the company.

During the tour, the students were able to see first-hand the different stages of the production process, from the engineering of the equipment to the assembly and testing of the final products.

They also had the opportunity to meet and interact with employees from different departments who have progressed within the company, including Marketing, Health, Safety & Compliance, and Sales Admin.

The visit was part of the HITZ programme’s efforts to provide its students with exposure to different industries and career paths, as well as to encourage them to develop their employability skills and aspirations for the future.

The students found the experience to be informative and inspiring, and many of them expressed interest in pursuing careers in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

David Shotton, social inclusion manager said: “Our HITZ students were given a tour of the HCMUK’s factory in Hebburn.

The students went through the production of commercial vehicles from start to finish, looking at the painting, production and modification departments and learning about the different roles within each.

After touring the factory floor, the students got to go to the boardroom, where they learned about the different and varied jobs that were available at the site.

Students heard about the progression routes that members of the team had taken to get to their roles and the opportunities this had afforded them, with promotions, qualifications and even visits to different countries! The students were incredibly impressed by the tour and have expressed an interest in the apprenticeships that HCMUK offer.

A massive thank you goes out to Jade and her team for making the students feel so welcome!”

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