Tackling Insights heads to Edinburgh

Tackling Insights heads to Edinburgh

Wednesday 17 April 2024 Written by: Mark Smith

Participants of the Tackling Insights programme last weekend had an amazing opportunity to attend the Scotland v England Women’s Six Nations fixture in Edinburgh, accompanied by their parents and staff from Newcastle Rugby Foundation.

The group soaked in the pre-match atmosphere, getting the chance to exchange high fives with players returning from their warm-up routines before taking their seats in the stand and braving the elements while enjoying the match.

They cheered on England as they secured the win over Scotland. Despite the harsh weather, the excitement around the stadium was great, with lots of chanting and cheering. It was a truly thrilling experience for all who attended.

After the final whistle, fans made their way pitch-side to get autographs from their favourite players, including England captain Marlie Packer. They were thrilled to be able to chat and get pictures with so many players.

The Tackling Insights programme participants had an unforgettable experience, thanks to the support of Sage Foundation and the Newcastle Rugby Foundation.

The Tackling Insights programme, supported by the Sage Foundation, aspires to encourage individuals to consider pursuing careers in the ‘STEM’ subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

It leverages rugby and its core values as a means of inspiring and cultivating learning through innovation, data and insight.